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  • Cotton Muslin Bags Size 18×24 Set Of 4 Pieces , easy To Carry , Easy To Handle ,Easy to Wash (Machine washable)
  • MUSLIN COTTON REUSABLE PRODUCE & VEGETABLE BAGS TO GO GREEN: Because our fruits and veggies grocery bags are made from 100% natural products, they’re completely friendly to the environment. They’re also recyclable – you’ll be able to use them week after week, month after month, without worrying about them breaking down or spoiling your produce
  • Sewn in exterior tare weight tag makes checkout easy, just subtract the bag weight from the total
  • Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh longer than plastic bags – breathable fabric allows ethylene gas to escape
  • ZERO WASTE REUSABLE GROCERY & PRODUCE BAGS WITH TARE WEIGHT ON LABEL: Our reusable produce bags are made from the finest cotton without the use of any harmful synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers


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  • Available in I Natural I
  • Also Available in I 14X18 I 18X24 I size option
  • Also Available in I 4 pack I 6 pack I pack option
  • UPC – 303944971710
  • Manufacturer – The Beer Valley
  • Package Dimensions – 7 x 4.8 x 2.1 inches
  • Package Weight – 13.6 ounces
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